We’ve been star in germany since 1989.

And since 2 years in the US Phoenix AZ.

CC- 9.1Tech specializes in complete automotive and truck services.

One of our special areas is the conversion of Automatic on manuel and syncro drive.

Changing the gear ratio..

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We get containers from Germany every 2 months

Transmission repair

We provide all types of transmission repair, including all automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, transfer cases, front and rear differentials, and general auto repair, too.


We offer the following services:

Repair manual gearbox

Conversion of manual Transmission for motor sports

Differential locks

Conversion to 6 gears

toothed gearwheel pairs


Engine repair

Thanks to our modern machines for cylinder head machining, we are able to provide the following services for our customers:

Tightness test of the cylinder heads for cracks

Valve seat processing

Changing and machining valve seat rings

Changing and processing valve seat guides

Planning of sealing surface

Fit for injectors and remove broken glow sticks if possible

(Also in the installed state of the head)

Thread fixing - Candle thread, if possible

(Also in the installed state)

Cylinder head processing in the inlet and outlet channel system

Adjustment work in the valve drive.


Cylinder block and crankshaft

Additional Services:

Cylinder fine drill and honing

Surface grinding or grinding

Maintain main bearing holes

Fit the bearing and measure it

Conclude and align the connecting rods

Crankshaft bearing grinding

Restorations and custom-made pistons, crankshafts and connecting rods.

In this area the focus is on the repair of assemblies. Thanks to a modern drilling and honing process, we can ensure the processing of the cylinder blocks in the shortest possible time with the highest possible quality.


Transmission and Syncro Transmission are completely revised by us.

The syncro Transmission specifically for VR6 are manufactured by us for the requirements of our customers.

The entire translation is compiled according to your wishes.

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